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Kalite Politikamız

  • Amacı müşteri memnuniyetini sağlamak olan,
  • Kaliteli konusunda tedarikçisiyle birlikte hareket eden,
  • Israrlı olarak sürekli iyileşmeyi sağlayan,
  • Rekabet ortamında verimlilik ve karlılık artışını hedefleyen,
  • Mevzuat ve yasal yükümlülüklere, çalışanlarıyla birlikte riayet eden,
  • Araştırma ve geliştirme ile ürün çeşitliliğini arttırarak Pazar payını arttıran,
  • Kalite yönetim sistemi gerekliliklerini yerine getiren bir kuruluş olmaktır.

17.01.2011 / Rev.2





Research and Development
AKIRMAK keep close tab about improvements of production technology in the world for technological integration with new systems and technologies about rear view mirror and mirror arm production. 


Analysis of customer expectations is the starting point of a new product. Feasibility studies are done by considering the complaints (if there is in existing product), specifications of competitor products and costs.

After that design is begun and during the design all technical facilities are very important. AKIRMAK designs its products on the computer using solid modeling and analyzing software. The task of a piece, its location and function with other parts are considered, hence its physical parameters are set.

CAD Capability

AKIRMAK design department is capable of accepting these file formats
from the customer;
In 3-D;   .step ,   .igs ,   .sw. ,   .ckd
and as 2-D;  .dwg.dxf 

Preparation for Serial Production

After eliminate the design problems of existing or new product, the first models of the product is prepared by using rapid prototyping technology. Finally, the production starts with the customer's approval.


Our Certificates


Quality Certificate

In February 2011  as a result of the ISO / TS 16949 Quality Management System Certification by Bureau Veritas, AKIRMAK successfully passed the certification audit and ISO / TS 16949 Quality Management System certification awarded.


Trademark Registration Certificate

AKIRMAK trademark registered by Turkish Patent Institute in 01.09.1995 and its perform manufacturing and trading activities under that brand.
Over the years, the deserved position of the AKIRMAK brand is a source of pride for our company.


E Certificate

E certification is a certification system for conditions provided by uropean Union for the Highway vehicles, and the parts.
Our products are tested by an accredited laboratory, and approved by the goverment of a member in the European Union.

Design Registration Certificate

The design registration is an industrial property right, that protect the external appearance of products.
For the protection of AKIRMAK rights we registers the original design of our products to the Turkish Patent Institute. 

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